Cordless Floor Cleaner with Brushless Motor  

3 in 1 Multi-functional Machine —  Vacuum + Spray+ Mopping

◆Adopt brush-less motor to decrease the force of friction during operation.

◆With 2500 r/min brush speed, get into the deep floor gap and sweep every corner

◆ No water stain after the cleaning and the machine has the self-cleaning function for the brush, no need to clean the brush. Clear up the dirt and dust on the floor.

◆ Lithium battery, type: 18650; Small and light, cost less time to recharge, longer life; Environmental.

◆ Combine the sweeper and vacuum cleaner in one machine.

◆ Innovation of water and gas separation technology, can vacuum even there is water on the floor.

◆ Clean water tank and dirty water tank are seperated to avoid secondary pollution.